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Fiandaca Fantasy! 2000s Unworn Silk Chiffon Bias-Cut Evening Dress Sz- 36 (#1463)

This silk chiffon evening dress dates from around 2008, and is one of Richard’s select group of “knockout” beauties in the New Jersey ‘HQ’ of Silver Screen Loungerie! You will find this gown in both the Bridal Trousseau and Richard’s Collection departments. Click on one of the 'Gloria' models to explore our special boutiques!

Red Carpet Glamour! Alfred Fiandaca is a current-day designer with offices in Boston, New York and Palm Beach. He has dressed Hollywood stars and socialites and the politicaly connected since the beginning of this 21st century! His designs have been featured in many society magazines, notably the February 2006 issue of “Palm Beach Life”.

This “Fiandaca Fantasy” gown features an entrancing floral silk chiffon fabric with an under slip of pale green silk. From the hips on down, the under slip becomes part of the very-flared lower skirt. There are six flaring v-panels of single-layer chiffon, separated by narrower panels of underlined chiffon. The total effect is fantastic to say the least! At the hem, the circumference is 460 inches, or two full circles!

The gown is cinched at the waist with an extremely long silk ribbon. We wound the ribbon around Gloria’s waist 2-1/2 times, and simply looped the ends over each other. There is a hidden zipper extending down from the “keyhole” sli back.

This dress is obviously new/old stock, and the crisp and unfrayed label confirms the perfect condition of the dress. The gown will be just fine for a size 36 with a waist measurement of 34 inches. The measurements are those of the gown itself. For comfort, your body measurements should be less. The gown is ready to wear and fit for a star – YOU – the leading Star of your own Life!

Vintage: 2000's
Colour: Multi colours on pale green
Make: Fiandaca
Size: 36
Fabric: Silk chiffon (Partially underlined)
Bust: 36
Waist: 34
Length: 56
Hips: 40
Condition: Mint, never worn


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