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Edwardian Lady! Ca. 1910 Unworn Silk & French Lace Night Dress XL- 50 (#1335)

This marvelous silk night dress dates from about 1910, and is one of the best-preserved Edwardian era silks in Richard’s amazing collection! We have listed this pale-green beauty in both the “Flapper Frillies” and “Bridal Trousseau” categories. Click on one of the 'Gloria' models to explore our special boutiques!

We at Silver Screen Loungerie, are committed to offering vintage lingerie items of the highest quality possible. While we sometimes find the occasional “new/old stock” piece, most of our items have been either gently or moderately worn by a previous owner. By definition, “vintage” means “old”, and we take great care in restoring items – as much as possible, to their original beauty.

For a silk lingerie piece that is about 100 years old, we are amazed to find this gown looking almost as if it were made just yesterday! The silk crepe fabric is in perfect condition, and the lace neckline and hip pockets are also in mint condition. This gown has stitched-down pleats which are just as sharp as they originally were. The gown is cut on the straight-of-grain, and is designed to hang straight from the shoulders. No belt is provided, and there are no belt loops at the sides. A silk ribbon-belt could be added, but we feel the gown looks and feels best without a belt. Although the gown is essentially a “one-size-fits-all”, we think this is a wonderful gown for anyone of any size.

We offer this beauty as a wonderful boudoir gown that will be a joy to the fortunate buyer. It is ready to wear and fit for today’s Star – YOU – the Leading Lady of your Life!

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Vintage: 1910's
Colour: Pale green
Make: Unknown
Size: 50
Fabric: Silk crepe
Bust: 50
Waist: 58
Length: 46-1/2
Hips: 62
Condition: Mint, unworn


US $235.00 Change Currency


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