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Feminine Thirties! Unworn Early 30s Bias-Cut Silk Nightgown Sz- 41 (Item #1301)

This wonderful nightgown is part of Richard’s fabulous collection in the New Jersey ‘HQ’ of Silver Screen Loungerie! The gown is available here in both the Bridal Trousseau and Richard’s Collection categories. Click on one of the 'Gloria' models to explore our special boutiques!

We at Silver Screen Loungerie, are dedicated to offering vintage lingerie items of the highest quality possible. While we sometimes find the occasional “new/old stock” piece, most of our items have been either gently or moderately worn by a previous owner. By definition, “vintage” means “old”, and we take great care in restoring items – as much as possible – to their original beauty.

This silk nightgown is in excellent, unworn condition… looking much the same as the 1930s day when it was made! Looking carefully, we found no signs of previous wear. Even the points of the pinked seam allowances are still sharp… with very-little “fuzz” along the tips. We hand-laundered the gown, as we needed to remove some surface dust and fold lines from long storage. The gown is now in near-mint condition for the lucky buyer.

Note the bodice seams that run at a sharp diagonal to the sides below the waistline. This is typical of early 30s manufacture, and waist measurement ends up being almost the same as the bust measurement. It helps that the silk crepe fabric is also very “biasy”, and is largely responsible for the great hourglass appearance on Gloria!

This feminine nightgown is as ready to wear as the day it was made, and is fit for a Goddess – YOU – the Sexy Goddess of your Life!

New, lower price is shown. Original price was $200.00.

Vintage: 1930's
Colour: Luminous pale-peach
Make: Unknown
Size: 41
Fabric: Thin silk crepe
Bust: 41
Waist: 40
Length: 59
Hips: 44
Condition: Excellent - unworn


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