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Precious & Priceless! Ca. 1910 Marabou-Trimmed 'Rainbow' Silk Dressing Gown

This is a most astounding piece of lingerie from the early 20th Century, and it has never yet been worn! This rare beauty is listed in both the “Dressing Gowns” and “Richard’s Collection” departments. Click on one of the 'Gloria' models to explore our special boutiques!

This museum-quality robe is from the early 1900s, with every detail indicating this period. The robe has just a few very-faint water spots from long storage. These faint spots (very-few in number) cannot be seen, unless viewed close up.... amazing condition for a century-old silk boudoir garment!

Except for the fingertip-length sleeves, the silk chiffon fabric is lined with a thin silk crepe material. A rainbow-hued marabou boa encircles the neckline, and continues down the opening edges to a snap closure over the left hip. A large silk flower is placed over the snap closure, and there are also inside waist ties. The robe is basically a one-size-fits-all size, and is designed to hang loosely from the shoulders. As measured while on a hanger, the measurements are, 44+ x 44+ x 42 x 46 inches long.

The sleeves and lower skirt are hand-dyed in four rainbow colours... each colour blending into the next. The vein of the feathered boa is tack-stitched to the neckline every few inches, so that it can be detached before cleaning the robe.

Although silk lingerie is often hand-laundered, we advise dry cleaning for this most precious garment. Although this robe is very old, it appears to have been stored in the best-possible environment.. The robe is eminently wearable, as there are no signs of silk deterioration.

The priceless price is $555.00, although there is a 10% discount for returning and multiple-purchase customers.

Whether acquired as a beautiful display piece, or worn to simply “feel good” in, this garment is wonderful on YOU -- the Star of your own life!

Want more pictures, please ask! See below for the measurements and other basic information.

Vintage: 1900's
Colour: Rainbow
Make: Unknown
Size: 44
Fabric: Silk chiffon - Marabou
Bust: 44
Waist: 44
Length: 46
Hips: 42
Condition: Mint - unworn


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