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Madame de Elegance! Ca. 2000 NW Silk Satin Evening Gown ‘Medium’ Sz 34 to 36+ (#1147)

This silk satin evening gown dates from the early 2000s, and is one of Richard’s select group of “knockout” beauties in the New Jersey ‘HQ’ of Silver Screen Loungerie! You will find this gown in both the Bridal Trousseau and Richard’s Collection departments. Click on one of the 'Gloria' models to explore our special boutiques!

”Madame de Elegance” was a bridal salon, located in Pensacola, Florida. The salon was opened in 2000 by Ms. Helan White, and was closed in 2007. This gown is new/old stock, and still bears the store price tag of (originally) $315.00. The gown is in mint, unworn condition, and has been stored under optimum conditions. There are no flaws whatsoever.

Only the finest materials were used in making of this gown. The fabric is the best silk satin currently available, (think Abraham Textiles in Switzerland), and the lace trim uses a “tatting” style. The bottom of the skirt has one flounce layered over another, and the “under-flounce” dips close to the floor on the right side. (A detail of this is shown in the 3rd picture.)

The gown is cut on the bias, with no waist seam, and has no “bias” seams near the hem. Although the gown was created as a knockout evening gown, it can also be worn as a sexy nightgown!

The gown will be just fine for sizes 34 and 36. The measurements are those of the gown itself. For comfort, your body measurements should be less. The gown is ready to wear and fit for a star – YOU – the leading Star of your own life!

Additional pictures are available, and we would be pleased to send them on request.

Vintage: 2000's
Colour: Jet-black
Make: Madame de Elegance
Size: 34 to 36+
Fabric: Silk satin
Bust: 34 to 36+
Waist: 38
Length: 65 (left-side)
Hips: 40
Condition: Mint - unworn


US $250.00 Change Currency


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