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Lacy Twenties! Early 1920s ‘Backless’ Silk & French Lace Slip Sz- 38 (#1057)

This enchanting silk slip is in excellent, near-mint condition. Early slips of this quality are increasingly hard to find, but you’ll find this beauty in both the “Bridal Trousseau” and “Richard’s Collection” departments. Click on one of the 'Gloria' models to find our special Boutiques!

There is no maker’s label, as most lingerie of this era was “one-of-a-kind”, and made by skilled dressmakers. The size is a “snug” 38 inches, measured in the middle of the top band. As the slip is essentially a ‘backless’ design, larger and smaller figures are easily accommodated. The slip hangs loosely, straight from the shoulders, and is not bias-cut. The shoulder straps are extra long, and have no “sliders”. The straps can easily be shortened by un-stitching and re-tacking the straps to a shorter length.

This is a most-unusual design…. typical of the varied design efforts of the 1920s. Note the inserted lace panels, which are in the shape of a “V” or “chevron”. The quality of the French lace and silk crepe-de-chine fabric is the best that we’ve ever seen…. far better than any “custom” lingerie made in today’s world. The workmanship is exquisite! The slip could actually be worn inside-out, and you would not see or feel any difference! Does it have French seams?? ….Of course!

Additional pictures of this slip are available, and we would be happy to send them on request.

Vintage: 1920's
Colour: Candlelight - Gold
Make: Unknown
Size: 38
Fabric: Silk & Lace
Bust: 38
Waist: 38
Length: 61
Hips: 42
Condition: Near-mint


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